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We undertake fabrication works of all complexities. The process of a metal fabrication consists of building the metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling it. Our fabrication workshop employs a multitude of value added processes in one plant or facility including welding, cutting, forming and machining. Instead of employing your own team of metal welders, purchasing and maintaining professional heavy equipment and so on, you can simply order our company to get a metal part created out of a raw material.

Advanced Welding

Whatever welding task you will be ordering, with our professional employees and equipment we will be able to weld it all. Our company can prepare or provide welding procedures or processes, with our main field of experience lying within working with different types of alloys and alloying elements. All of our staff members have sophisticated knowledge of welding inspection techniques and equipment, which they put into practice on a daily basis.

Metal Shearing

While offering the metal curtailing services, our workshop has both hydraulic and mechanical equipment for shearing, blanking, piercing, roll slitting, and trimming of the steelwork. For instance, if required, we can perform Metal Cutting, Machining, Finishing, Polishing, Grinding & Lapping of any difficulty. Overall, our steelwork company employs a range of precision metal cutting specialists.

Steel Cladding

Almost any industrial-grade factory plant, a warehouse or other facility oftentimes requires some steel cladding to be done. We provide all types of steel cladding, galvanized roofing sections, composite wall and roof sheets, metal cladding, roofing products or fiber cement sheeting done, we can get it done all.


We hold extensive experience in manufacturing and repairs of excavator buckets and boom sections. Our team of skilled professionals are fully equipped with tools and equipments to get your mahcine attachments up and running and reduce downtime.

CNC WaterJet Cutting

Our facility houses high standard CNC WaterJet Equipment which is used for various fabrication works and designing of steel sheets.

We Offer Steelworks of any Complexity!

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