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Forming Service for Hardox Steel

Forming Service for Hardox Steel

Being an approved Hardox Center, we perform all forming services and obtain the required size or piece without entering into technical complications related to the low degree of resistance of the Hardox plate when forming in another workshop. Being part of a global network of service centers, our support goes beyond manufacturing to provide solutions to wear problems, maintain productivity, and improve parts life.

Forming and Manufacturing Steel

Carry out manufacturing work no matter how complex. The metal fabrication process consists of shaping the pieces by cutting, folding, and assembling them, enabling us to create added value in one place. Instead of hiring your own team, you can simply order from us for your desired piece.

Forming and Manufacturing Steel
Man working on steel fatory and equipment for steel production

Metal Cutting

As we provide metal shearing services, our workshop has the necessary hydraulic and mechanical equipment for shearing, drilling, and metal cutting.

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

We provide a service for cutting different materials such as soft materials as wood and rubber, or for cutting hard materials such as stone and marble.
Cutting using water-jet technology reduces the harmful effects of heat. We preserve materials without altering its properties, eliminating problems such as distortion and cracking. It can also save costs by reducing the need for secondary processing.

Industrial water jet cutter tool cutting steel plate
Lots of yellow tractors or excavators at an exhibition

Bucket Manufacture and Maintenance

We manufacture high-capacity buckets for heavy equipment, specializing in machines from 100 tons, with shovels from 7 to 50 cubic meters.
Our products are specially designed and manufactured to withstand high wear applications, and are made of Hardox, ensuring a long life with minimal wear. We also carry out maintenance work for buckets that encounter problems such as cracks, breakage and reinforcing.

Boom Maintenance

We provide maintenance services for types of heavy cranes. Our goal is to improve safety, productivity, and sustainability by re-manufacturing and repairing damaged body parts due to increased heavy loads.